At New Media Academy, we offer you exclusive opportunities to unleash your business potential through our Influencer Marketing services. With our team of skilled content creators, we ensure creative content, unwavering dedication, and steadfast commitment to help you maximize the reach and engagement of your messaging with your target audience. Leverage our extensive network of +66 talented content creators who could take your brand to new heights and amplify its impact.

What We Have Achieved

We work closely with our clients in order to meet their needs whether it be by spreading awareness on their latest news or building their engagement and audience.
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Highlights on Our Success

We have collaborated with several organizations and entities to support them in successful campaigns and projects. Through our collaboration, we provided thoughtfully designed high-quality content and production support to these campaigns to help drive results, raise awareness, reach new audiences, and effectively communicate the impact of these initiatives. Here are a few examples of our successful campaign collaborations

The World Government Summit

The World Government Summit Organization Summit, in its various activities, explores the agenda of the next generation of governments, focusing on harnessing innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity.


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Influencer Marketing Approach

Social media has become an essential marketing tool for businesses, allowing them to reach targeted audiences and engage in real-time conversations. Content creators have emerged as influential marketing resources, as they have gained trust and credibility with their followers. New Media Academy leverages content creators' networks to provide brands with an authentic voice and access niche markets for higher engagement and conversions. They support content creators in achieving success and fame through tailored services.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

New Media Academy offers consultancy support to content creators in developing effective influencer marketing strategies. This support includes defining campaign objectives, selecting appropriate channels and platforms, and creating engaging content that aligns with the needs and goals of brands and businesses.

Brand Partnerships

We support local and regional content creators to reach new clients, fostering valuable brand partnerships. This not only allows brands to amplify their messaging and marketing materials through the expertise of skilled content creators, but also provides content creators with opportunities to showcase their talent and style.

Campaign Reporting

Effective reporting is essential for assessing campaign performance and achieving success. New Media Academy offers tailored campaign reporting services that provide valuable insights and metrics to content creators and brands. They track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as reach, engagement, conversions, and ROI to evaluate the effectiveness and accomplishments of influencer marketing campaigns.

Our Exclusive Content Creators

Get to know our exclusive network of content creators! Do not miss out on the opportunity to collaborate with our exclusive and talented content creators, taking your campaigns to new heights. Contact us today to discuss your project and let us create content that makes a real impact.
Abdullah AlRaesi
Abdullah AlRaesi occupies the self-development and youth space, taking his followers on a journey of...
Ahmed Al Marzooqi
Ahmed is a content creator with a finance slant.
Maitha Mohamed
If storytelling were synonymous with a person, that person would be Maitha Mohamed..
Saif Al Dahab
Saif AlDahab devoted his interest in creating digital content to present a youth program that docume...

Campaign Examples & Results

Our content creators have played a vital role in various events and campaigns, building on their own successful portfolios while also supporting the success of our clients and partners. Here are some notable examples:

Global Media Congress

The Global Media Congress facilitates critical knowledge exchange and presents opportunities for business partnerships for media professionals from across the globe.






Content Creators

Road to COP28

New Media Academy content creator Maitha Mohammad invited to host COP28. As the UAE's most significant event of 2023, COP28 will witness the participation of distinguished individuals at the highest levels.


Government Leaders




Media Professionals

Launching The Baraka Platform

A campaign to promote awareness and drive sign ups to the launch of Baraka trading platform by collaborating with Ahmed AlMarzooqi






Leads Generated

UAE National Day Campaign with TikTok

For UAE National Day, we partnered up with TikTok to help celebrate the UAE National Day by launching #LoveUAECheck challenge on TikTok.A campaign to celebrate the diverse culture and background of the UAE


Content Creators


Organic Views

Organizations We Have Worked With

We have earned the trust of top organizations and brands through our commitment to excellence, helping them achieve their goals and deliver exceptional results

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