Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication

Executive Diploma in Government Digital Communication


  • Level: Intermediate

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Module 1
Future Government

The main scenarios and features of the government of the future will be examined to identify how they support the UAE vision, the concept of global competitiveness and how countries and institutions can benefit from this concept.

Module 2
The New Digital Era

In this module, we will learn about the importance of digitization in our lives and how we can use it for the benefit of our societies and governments.

Module 3
Government Communication in the UAE

Considering the remarkable and rapid development in communication and its channels, and with the wide array of informational needs of the public, it has become imperative for governments to meet these requirements through modern interactive communication.

Module 4
Introduction to Digital Government

Introduction to the course, assignments and expectations.

Module 5
Integrated Communications Strategy

Clearly define the purpose and objectives of your organization. Next, we will assess the target audiences we communicate with in order to achieve our goals.

Module 6
Integrated Communications Planning

Create a compelling and persuasive message that will connect to the audience and move them to take action. Learn how to evaluate the many method available to present that message through media and digital platforms.

Module 7

Story is the most basic, and the most effective means of creating empathy and moving people to action. Yet, storytelling is not as simple. Learn the structures and elements that can create memorable impact on your audience.

Module 8
Content Creation

Evaluate how other organizations have developed storytelling in their communications and campaigns. See how a narrative can be developed and implemented in social campaigns that inspire audiences to action.

Module 9
Curation and Distribution of Content

Learn distribution methods to expand your reach. In addition, you'll learn methods of curating your own content, and that of others to develop your credibility, save time, and repurpose content that you've already created.

Module 10
Crisis Communications

Learn how to proactively prepare for crisis and develop a plan that will guide your organization. Basics of dealing with a crisis, how to handle media inquiries, and how to develop internal communication processes to protect the organization.

Module 11
Content Distribution

Content Distribution: Channel Selection and Use

Module 12
Press Releases and Media Coverage

Using SEO techniques will increase the impact, reach, and measurable results of your Press Releases. You'll also cover the fundamental aspects of dealing with media coverage and building relationships in the media.

Module 13
Digital Tools Workshop

Adopt new digital media tools with hands-on instruction. The instructor will guide you through the tools and share feedback on how you use them and apply the information to your organizations!

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