Greg Jarboe

Greg Jarboe is an award-winning expert in digital marketing and communications. For over 20 years he has shown his deep knowledge of marketing by authoring more than 1,600 articles and speaking at more than 80 conferences.

Who is Greg Jarboe?

Greg Jarboe is president of SEO-PR, which he co-founded in 2003. Their digital marketing agency has generated award-winning results for a variety of clients, including The Christian Science Monitor, Parents magazine, the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference & Expo series, Southwest Airlines, and Rutgers University. Prior to co-founding SEO-PR in 2003, Jarboe was the Vice President of Marketing at WebCT, Director of Corporate Communications at Ziff-Davis, Director of Marketing at PC/Computing, and Director of Corporate Communications at Lotus Development Corporation. Since 2003, Jarboe has written 3 books and more than 1,600 articles, columns, and posts for several online publications, including Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Watch, and Tubular Insights. In the past 20 years, he has spoken at more than 80 industry conferences.

Based in

Acton, Massachusetts, United States


Strategy, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

  • Profiled as one of the 25 successful online marketing gurus in Online Marketing Heroes by Michael Miller.
  • Has authored and contributed to five books on digital marketing.
  • Has spoken at over 80 industry conferences.
  • Video and Content Marketing instructor

Courses taught by Greg Jarboe

Social Media Professional Program

Learn the latest industry insights to build a social media strategy that advances organizational goals, builds competent teams, develops sustainable practices, and delivers measurable outcomes with insights and guidance from industry experts.

  • Format: Cohort
  • Level: Intermediate

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